KrU – see Residual Urea Clearance

Specimen Urine Aliquot from a 24 Hour Urine and Plasma
Container Type 1 White Top Tube (Urine)

and 1 Green Top Tube (Plasma)

Stability 7 days
Turnaround Time 1 day
Methodology Urease/GLDH
Reference Range N/A
Transport Temp Refrigerate 2°-8°C
Instructions Record the 24-hr urine volume (mL), total urine collection time (mins), height (cm) and dry weight (kg)
Analytes Urine Urea Nitrogen/BUN
Calculations KrU, Kt/V Residual
Additional Info Kt/V Residual will be added to the hemodialysis Kt/V adequacy panels up to 90 days with the exception on Kt/V Jindal. Draw information must be submitted before specimen receipt by the laboratory to provide calculation.
CPT Code 84545