Red/Yellow Top Tube (with Gel – Clot Activator)

  1. Allow the tube to fill until blood flow ceases.
  2. Immediately after drawing, gently invert the tube 5-10 times to mix the blood with the clot activator.
  3. Use the barcode label with the patient’s name and ID to identify the specimen.
  4. Allow the blood to clot in an upright position for a minimum of 30 minutes but do not exceed 2 hours. Patients with abnormal clotting due to disease, or those receiving anticoagulant therapy require more time for complete clot formation. Separation of serum from cells should take place within 2 hours of collection to prevent erroneous test results.
  5. Centrifuge 20 minutes for fixed angle, 15 minutes for swing bucket centrifuges.
  6. Check for a good gel separation. If gel separation is not complete or if a portion of the clot protrudes through the separator, transfer the clear portion of the serum into another labeled Red/Yellow Top Tube and recentrifuge. Never recentrifuge the same tube.
  7. Refrigerate at 2°- 8° C.