Specimen Packaging & Shipping Labels

Specimen Packaging & Shipping Labels – DOWNLOAD

All specimens submitted to Ascend Clinical must be identified with a bar code label, clearly indicating the patient’s name, ID and collection date.

  • Affix the bar code label with the patient’s name and ID on all specimens and record the collection date and time on the specimen(s), as necessary.
  • Place specimens in the plastic Transport Bag with an absorbent sheet and seal shut.
    Note: The laboratory will not process specimens that are received with a needle in the bag.
  • If you have a local courier, please mark on the bag whether the specimen is to be refrigerated or held at room temperature.
  • If the specimens are to be shipped by FedEx, see the following pages for packaging of Room Temperature Specimens and Refrigerated Specimens.
  • Once specimens are packaged, use the FedEx shipping label(s) appropriate for the day that the specimens are sent.


Ascend Clinical provides courier service for the transport of specimens to the laboratory. Depending on location, this may be via Ascend Courier, commercial courier service or by an airfreight service. If you have a concern regarding your courier service, please call Client Services.