Recirculation Study

Perform test after approximately 30 minutes of treatment and after turning off ultrafiltration.

  1. Use 3 Green Top Tubes.
  2. Draw arterial (ART) and venous (VEN) line specimens.
  3. Immediately reduce the blood flow rate (BFR) to 120 mL/min.
  4. Turn blood pump off exactly 10 seconds after reducing BFR.
  5. Clamp the arterial line immediately above the sampling port.
  6. Draw the Systemic (SYS) specimen from the arterial line port.
  7. Immediately after drawing, gently invert the tubes 10 times to activate the anticoagulant and prevent clotting. Centrifuge immediately after collection, but no more than 2 hours after collection.
  8. Use the bar code labels with patient’s name and ID to identify the specimens. Be sure to place the correct bar code label on each specimen as appropriate. The bar code labels specify each specimen as GREEN VENOUS, GREEN ARTERIAL or GREEN SYSTEMIC.
  9. Centrifuge 20 minutes for fixed angle, 15 minutes for swing bucket centrifuges.
  10. Refrigerate at 2°- 8° C.