Specimen Shipping Guidelines

To ensure mutual convenience and cost savings, please observe the following guidelines when shipping your specimens to Ascend Clinical. These guidelines apply to the shipping of In-Center, Environmental, and PD specimens.

Consolidating Specimens

All specimens being sent to Ascend Clinical (In-Center, Environmental, PD, etc.) should be consolidated in the same refrigerated or room temperature box.

Selecting Proper Box Size

Use the smallest box possible that accommodates the number of tubes you are shipping.

Number of Tubes per Box

The box size is located on the side of the box:

  • Small (SM) box approximately 15 tubes or two pairs of blood cultures

  • Medium (MD) box approximately 100 tubes

  • Large (LG) box approximately 200 tubes

  • Dual Temp box approximately 100 tubes per

section (1 refrigerated/1 room temperature)

Refrigerated Samples

All specimens requiring refrigeration can be combined in the

same box.

Room Temperature Samples

All room temperature samples can be combined in the same box.

Sending Refrigerated and Room Temperature Samples Together

Our dual temp box comes with two medium sized sections; one for refrigerated samples and one for room temperature samples.

How to avoid shipping one or two tubes

Don’t forget your post tubes. Frequently when we receive boxes with just one or two tubes, the post tube has been forgotten.

Please ensure they are included in the general shipment.

For further instructions on proper packaging, please refer to the guidelines located on Ascend University™, the LabCheck Reference Manual, and the inside cover of the Styrofoam coolers. We appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines.

Questions? Please call our Client Services department at 800.800.5655, Option 1.

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