HIV 1,2 Ab/Ag w/Reflex Antibody Diff. & RNA

Specimen Plasma
Container Type Green Top Tube

If only HIV is ordered, collect an additional Lavender Top Tube

Transport Temp Refrigerate 2°-8°C
Stability 5 days
Turnaround Time 1-9 days
Methodology Chemiluminescent Sandwich Immunoassay

Test performed using Atellica IM HIV Ab/Ag Combo (CHIV) chemiluminescent assay. Values obtained with different assay methods cannot be used interchangeably.

Reference Range Non-Reactive
Instructions If only HIV is ordered, collect an additional lavender top for possible reflex testing. Positive screens are reflexed to HIV-1/2 Antibody Differentiation. If HIV-1/2 Antibody Differentiation is Negative/Indeterminate, HIV-1 RNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR will be performed. Reflexed confirmatory testing will be performed at our Reference Laboratory and incur additional charges.
CPT Codes 86703, 86701, 86702, 87535