Kt/V Natural Log, URR, nPNA (3x/wk)

Specimen Plasma
Container Type Green Top Tube (Pre-Dialysis)

Gold/White Top Tube (Post-Dialysis)

Stability 7 days
Turnaround Time 1 day
Methodology Urease/GLDH
Reference Range See patient report
Transport Temp Refrigerate 2°-8°C
Instructions Use slow flow/stop pump sampling technique as described in the “Specimen Collection and Handling” section under “Post Dialysis Sampling” of this manual. Enter patient’s treatment time, treatment number, pre and post weights in the “Draw Information Entry” screen of LabCheck before specimens are sent to the laboratory. Identify post dialysis tube with barcode label GOLD/WHITE ***POST***.
Analytes BUN, Post BUN
Calculations Kt/V Natural Log, Urea Reduction Ratio, nPNA, Ultrafiltration Rate
Additional Info Daugirdas II and Depner calculations
CPT Code 84520×2