Tests - P

PD Adequacy
PD Adequacy w/o Urine
PET, Fast
PET, Modified (2L 4.25% Glucose)
PET, Standard
Phenytoin, Free (Dilantin, Free)
Phenytoin, Total (Dilantin, Total)
Phosphorus, Dialysate
Phosphorus, Post
Platelet Count (PLT)
Post Tests
Potassium, Dialysate
Potassium, Post
Protein Electrophoresis
Protein Electrophoresis w/Reflex to IFE Serum
Protein, Total (Total, Protein)
Protein, Total, 24 Hour Urine w/ Creatinine (Total Protein, 24 Hour Urine w/ Creatinine)
Protein, Total, Dialysate (Total Protein, Dialysate)
Protein, Total, Random Urine w/ Creatinine (Total, Protein, Random Urine w/ Creatinine)
PSA, Total
PT (Prothrombin Time) w/ Reflex to Heparin Neutralization
PTH, Intact (Parathyroid Hormone)