Colony Count, LAL Endotoxin and UltraPure LAL

Colony Count, LAL Endotoxin and UltraPure LAL – DOWNLOAD
  1. Put on clean gloves and facemask. Avoid use of powdered gloves to eliminate test interference.
  2. Using sterile technique, collect specimen from the water source using a Sterile Cup with Transfer Port (Yellow) and 1or 2 Tall Yellow Top Tubes depending on test(s) ordered.
  3. Turn on the water/dialysate and allow running through the sample port for at least 2 minutes. The purpose of this flush is to remove all residual organisms from the sample port.
  4. Remove the Cup’s lid. Place the lid on the counter facing upward. To avoid contamination, do not touch the inside of the Cup.
  5. While the water/dialysate is running, collect a midstream clean catch, filling the Cup 3/4 full. Turn off the water/dialysate. Secure lid.
  6. Using a 70% Alcohol Prep Pad, gently scrub the top of the Tall Yellow Top Tube(s). Allow the top of the tube(s) to dry.
  7. Peel back the protective sticker on the Cup’s lid to expose the transfer port.
  8. Insert the top of the Tall Yellow Top Tube into the transfer port. This will pierce the stopper and allow the tube to fill automatically. Allow the tube to fill until the flow ceases.
  9. Fill another tube if ordering both LAL and Colony Count at the same time.
  10. Discard the Cup after use. Do not send to the laboratory.
  11. Use the bar code label to identify the specimen.
  12. Place the labeled tubes in a plastic Transport Bag with an absorbent sheet and seal shut.
  13. Refrigerate at 2°-8° C.
  14. Due to short stability, specimens must be collected and shipped to the laboratory Monday through Friday only.