Conductivity Testing

Conductivity Testing – DOWNLOAD

Conductivity testing is offered in our Environmental department for dialysis water or drinking water specimens. This test is applicable to non-New York potable water specimens.

  1. Ensure to follow dialysis facility protocols when collecting water analysis specimens.
  2. Collect specimen using the Trace-Metal Free Conical Tube and fill up to the Max Freeze line.
  3. Minimum water specimen volume of 20 mL.
  4. Secure Lid.
  5. Use the bar code label to identify the specimen.
  6. Place the labeled bottle in a plastic Transport Bag with an absorbent sheet and seal shut.
  7. Refrigerate at 2°- 8° C.
  8. Estimated Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) can be measured by multiplying conductivity results by 0.55.